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Innovations and tools for preventive environmental management in port zones

The Expertise Centre for Industrial and Port zones (CEIP), division of INREST, has partnered with Réseau Québec Maritime, Institut France-Québec Maritime and the St. Lawrence Economic Development Corporation to organize the Enviro-Actions Symposium, which will be held at Sept-Îles in May 2024.

Given the growing anthropogenic footprint on marine environments, industrial and port zones can be important sources of disturbance. Support for innovation and scientific research is crucial to allow sustainable human development and ecosystem conservation, and to meet short and long-term environmental objectives.

The Enviro-Actions Symposium will bring together port authority managers from Quebec, Canada and the world, representatives of industries, municipalities, governments as well as scientists to share concrete preventive environmental actions focused on sustainable human development and ecosystem conservation around four main axes.

At the end of the Symposium, priority environmental actions will be identified through consultation with participants, to be submitted to the provincial and federal governments as a list of strongly recommended Enviro-Actions to be implemented by 2030 in industrial and port zones. This approach aims to ensure the achievement of the contaminant reduction objectives targeted by 2030 by government authorities.

Port de Sept-Îles is the port-host and promotor of the Enviro-Actions Symposium.

At the entrance to the port zone is the Bay of Sept-Îles. This vast body of water opens towards the St. Lawrence with an archipelago made up of seven islands, constituting a majestic natural rampart to offer safe anchorage to ships in summer and winter. With its cutting-edge infrastructure capable of accommodating the largest bulk carriers in the world and its annual loading capacity of 100 Mt of goods, the port of Sept-Îles is already positioned as the leading mineral port in North America!


The Port of Sept-Îles supports the implementation of sustainable and ambitious projects in the territory of Sept-Îles. Their vision of sustainable development is based primarily on partnership, active participation in community life and the deployment of port infrastructure of exceptional scale.


If you would like to send suggestions or feedback to the Symposium organizing team, you can use the anonymous form by following this link:


Proceedings of the Symposium and communications by participants (talks and posters) are available to download (only in French):

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